what happens



Twitter takes just text in title, links to WP post.

Facebook link it title text, description is body link text + first bit of body non-link text.

Need to change Post Format to “link” each time.  Can change this in Settings -> Writing

Can’t choose which site to auto-share to (via Publicize) when using Press This bookmarklet.

What happens if I add a link on a “standard” post format post?

  • Twitter just takes post title as text, links to WP post
  • FB does as expected

This may allow re-writting URL sent to social sites:



An Asian Revelation.

“Yeah. Okay, you’re sick little punks.” They laugh. No, really. “So you just wrote an essay about goals, and you all said you wanted to become better readers and writers, and I know you said that because you think that’s what I wanted to hear, even though I told you otherwise. What you really want, most of you, is an A. And that’s what your parents want, too.”